Can I delete users from my app?

We show you how to delete users and what this means for you and your users

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Delete app user via user profile

To delete a user, call up the user list. Now select the user to be deleted. His user profile will open and there you will find the command Delete this user (see screenshot). You can only delete individual users. It is not possible to delete several users.

What happens if a user is deleted?

When a user is deleted, all his personal data is removed from the app. This includes the chat history and activities. Only the user's past shop orders are not deleted. The deleted user therefore loses his old user status.

Can a deleted user still use the app?

Yes, he can. After he has been deleted from the app, a new and empty profile will be created for him. However, he will only receive individual offers, e.g. via campaigns, from you if he fills in his new profile again.

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