Do I indicate net or gross prices for my products?

As an app owner, you certainly deal primarily with private individuals (end customers). For this reason, gross prices (including VAT) should be used. In your dashboard, however, you must indicate net prices and add the appropriate VAT rate to them. As soon as this is done, your app users will see the gross prices in your app.

For the Price (EUR) field, enter the net price and add the appropriate VAT rate to the VAT (%) field with the appropriate VAT rate. A small note here: reduced VAT rates apply in Germany until 31.12.2020. Instead of 19 %, 16 % will be written out. For other items, e.g. books, which previously had 7 % VAT, it is now 5 %. You can find more information here.

Learning: You always enter net prices and store the valid or corresponding VAT rate for all your articles or products.

Note: Show items with VAT in the app

In order for the VAT to be displayed for your items in the app, it is necessary to activate the checkbox Show prices of all items with VAT in the Shop Settings beforehand.

General information about the shop module and how you can add and edit products can also be found in this support article.

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