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How to Configure the Shop Module for Self Pickup

We show you how you can easily set up the shop module for self pickup.

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With self pickup, your customers and guests can order from you and then pick up their order themselves at the desired time.

This is how You Set the Self Pickup for the Shop module in the Dashboard

Go to the Shop setting tab and scroll down to the Shipping methods item. There you will find the Self pickup option. To activate the self-pick-up, move the slider to Enabled.


Self pickup fee

If you want to charge a fee for self-collection, you can set it here.

Adjust pickup time window

With this function you can specify the time period during which self pickup is possible, e.g. only during opening hours.

Set pickup time window

You can specify the time window for self pickup individually or you can specify your opening hours as the time period (by clicking on the button Import from business hours).

Limit pickup time window

You can also limit the time window relative to the time of ordering, e.g. if you do not want the order to be stored for an unnecessarily long time.

Earliest possible pickup after order

Here you enter the period of time your customer has to wait before he can pick up the order.

Latest possible pickup after order

Here you define the maximum period of time your customer may wait before collecting the order.

Information About the Person

For a better allocation of the order, you can use form fields to define information about the person collecting the order, e.g. name or e-mail address. Profile fields can also be used to request personal information, e.g. membership status.

This is the New Check-Out Process for Your Customers

In the course of the self pickup, we have also adapted the check-out process. It is now much clearer than before and shows your customer step by step which information is still required.

After your users have clicked on Checkout in the shopping cart of the app, they are automatically taken to the new check-out process.

Under the item SHIPPING METHOD, the user must now select the desired option, in this case self pickup.


Then he specifies who will come to pick up the order. According to what you have defined as form fields, he enters his name and e-mail address here.


Afterwards he specifies his payment method. In the case of self pickup, he selects payment on collection.


Under products the order is displayed. By clicking on the small arrow your customer can view the complete order (if more products are available).


Now your customer only has to agree to the terms and conditions, the privacy policy and the shipping terms.

Once this has been done, the ORDER button becomes active.


If you have declared e.g. name and address as profile fields, the app will automatically enter the information from your customer's app profile for a further order. Of course, only if the customer has also filled in their app profile.

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