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Building your app: important modules and features
The new add module section in your dashboard (beta version)
The new add module section in your dashboard (beta version)

Let's take a look at the new add module section in detail

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Add modules in the Dashboard

As part of the redesign of the modules section, we have also changed the way you can add modules to your app. The new Add module section not only looks nicer, but also gives you a first overview of what you can use the modules for. To view the new section, please click on the Try the beta button under Modules.

Search for modules

You can search for specific modules using the search field. For example, if you enter form, all modules that are structured as forms will be displayed. This way you will quickly find the module you are looking for.

All modules

We have divided all modules into different categories (tags). For example, under Booking you will find the modules appointment, appointment services and table reservation. With the help of the tags, you can filter the overview of the modules and thus select the desired module more quickly.

Recommended modules

To make it even easier for you to create your app, we recommend suitable modules under Recommended modules for: – depending on the use case or industry. In this example, we have selected the beauty industry:

Use Cases include:

Delivery, Loyalty, Appointments and Table Reservation.

Industries include:

Beauty, Retail, Gastronomy and Hotel.

Depending on which use case or industry you select, you will be shown other suitable modules that you can use for your app.

Module short description

Each module has a short description to give you an overview of what it is and what you can use it for.

Preview and long description

The Preview button shows you how the module will look in your app. It also contains a detailed description of the selected module. If the module is exactly what you need, you can add it to your app with +Add.

Note from us

We hope you like the new Add module section and that it makes it easier for you to build your app.

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