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User login in the app: the new in-app registration!
User login in the app: the new in-app registration!

User login in the app: the new in-app registration!

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The new in-app registration is here! It can now be set even more individually so that you can offer your customers an incentive to register in your app. Many configuration options are available to you for this. Now you can find out how to set up in-app registration:

It starts in the dashboard...

Call up the dashboard under MY APP -> Settings -> Profiles. You can switch to the new version by clicking on the blue button (switch to new version) and try it out.


In order for the new in-app registration to go live in your app, you must publish your app once again via the green button Update live version.


Here you can set the desired functions of the in-app registration.

Activate the item Enable in-app registration for users so that a login screen is displayed to app users when the app is started. Your app users then register themselves via this screen. When the app is started again, users who have already registered are automatically logged in.


Here you can choose between two different configurations for the login:

Restrict app access only to signed in users

Registration is optional. Users can also use your app without an account. However, registration is required as soon as the user has to enter his or her personal data.

Enable on email verification

The user must first verify his or her e-mail address. In doing so, he clicks on a verification link so that the registration is completed successfully.


Here you can customise the login page of your app. On the right side you can see a preview of how the login page will look for your users.

Your logo

Upload your logo using the button


Choose between left-aligned, centred and right-aligned to place the logo.

Background image

You can use a background image for the login page.

Background colour

Instead of an image, you can also set the background colour for the login screen here.

Introduction text

Motivate app users with a text so that they register in the app.

Button text

Define the name of the button, e.g. Register, Login, etc.

In addition, you can enter your terms of use and privacy policy on the login screen and request the user's consent. Registration can only take place after confirmation. You also have the option here to adjust the terms of use and privacy policy.

Registration fields

Enter the profile fields that users should fill in for registration, e.g. name and e-mail.


Here you configure the user profile for your app users. You can select fields to add to the user profile. Here you can define for each field whether it should be a required field, editable, shown in profile, featured or visible in registration.

Required field

The user must fill in this field.


Your user can edit this field. Deactivate it, e.g. to assign the user a specific role, e.g. VIP user.

Shown in profile

The user sees this field in their profile. If you deactivate it, only you will be able to see it in the user management and, for example, store internal notes on this user.


These fields are displayed in the app profile under the user's name.

Visible in registration

Define here which fields your users must fill in during registration.

Have fun configuring!

Why not try out the new in-app registration right now! We wish you lots of fun! If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to help.

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