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Building your app: important modules and features
The digital customer card: Customer loyalty with even more individual offers
The digital customer card: Customer loyalty with even more individual offers

We show you how to activate and configure the digital customer card in your app

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Add the customer card to the app

You add the customer card to your app in your app dashboard under MY APP -> Modules -> My modules -> +Add module. Optionally, you can also find it in the Customer loyalty category.

Configuring the customer card

You can now make various settings under the four tabs Registration, Design, New cards and Existing cards. Let's take a look at these in detail:


In order to use the customer card, the app user must register in the app.

You can adjust the appearance as well as the range of functions of the registration.


Upload an attractive image for the registration page.


Choose the position of the logo/image. You can place it flush left or flush right and in the middle.

Promotion text

Write an activating text. This is optional, but very helpful to motivate users to register.

Button text to register for the customer card

Think of a text for the sign-up button, e.g. Sign up now or Register.

Confirmation toast

Once the user has registered, a text appears confirming the registration. You can also customise this text.

Form fields for new registration

Here you can individually define the profile fields you want to query for the customer card registration, e.g. name, e-mail or day of birth. You can add and edit more profile fields by clicking the Configure profile fields button.

Collect user consent to app terms of use an privacy policy

Activate this slider to allow users to agree to the policies. You can enter the terms of use and privacy policy again in the fields.


You can choose if you want to offer the customer card during the sign up process of an app user.


Here you define the design and functions of your customer card.


Upload the logo for your customer card. This can be, for example, a logo specially designed for the loyalty card or you can use your company logo.


Choose where you want the logo to be displayed.

Card type

You can choose whether a bar code or QR code should be displayed on the customer card.

Card number

Specify here in which profile field the user's card number is to be stored, e.g. card number or name.

Background image

If your card is to have a background image, you can specify this here.

Background colour

Adjust the background colour of the customer card.

Displayed profile fields

Select which profile fields should be displayed under the customer card. These can be, for example, name, customer status (Basic/VIP) and date of birth.


Would you like to link the customer card to an offer or promotion? Then you can enter an image and the corresponding URL for it. Users can access the offer directly from the customer card. They can either be redirected to an external page or to a module of the app that you have defined.


Under New Cards, the app can generate new card numbers. This also allows you to define more than one customer card for your app.

Generate random card numbers

Our system generates a random and unique card number in the desired character length. You can also set a prefix for the card number, e.g. CC.

Card number character length

Choose here the length of the card number.

Import usable card numbers

If you want to use your own card numbers, you can upload them to the app as a CSV file at this point.

Use fixed card number

Or you can use predefined card numbers. Each new card receives the same registered card number. This use case comes into play, for example, if you want to assign individual card numbers to your users as soon as they have registered. This way you can always see which customers are new (those who do not yet have an individual number) and which are already using your card.


Existing cards, e.g. paper or plastic cards, can be transferred to the app.

Button text for the registration of existing customer cards

Set the text for your existing loyalty cards here.

Form fields for new registrations

Select the profile fields to be used for registration. If you do not specify any, this area will remain empty.


If the customer card is only a barcode or QR code, you can use this function to enable your users to scan the card directly into the app.


You can upload a CSV file to import existing card numbers and user data. After uploading, you can assign the columns of the file to desired profile fields of the app. Click the Upload File button to upload the CSV file to your app.


To prevent the user from entering unfamiliar customer card data, you can validate the card number against other customer data. To do this, you can individually define which profile field is to be used for the validation. The user must first fill in this profile field before he can use the card.

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