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In the Shop module, it is now also possible to store gross prices directly!
In the Shop module, it is now also possible to store gross prices directly!

We show you how to display products in the store module directly with gross prices

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You would like to offer products in your store at smooth prices without always having to first deduct the respective VAT from the desired amount and determine the net price? The possibility to enter prices directly as gross prices now allows you to do this without any calculation at all.

To be able to enter prices directly as gross prices, you have to click on the shop settings tab in the shop module.

There you can choose between gross and net in the drop-down menu under the heading currency.

If you want to enter the prices of your products directly as gross prices from now on, select gross here. Click on save to confirm the change. Now all products in the store will be stored as gross prices in the future and you can enter your sales prices directly as such. If there are already items in your store, you can also make the change. To do this, go through the above steps and click save. The prices are now stored as gross prices and can also be adjusted as such. In the future, new products will be stored directly with gross prices in the store. Nothing changes for your customers, they will continue to see the gross price in the app as usual.

With this procedure, you are also on the safe side when it comes to paying your VAT or sales tax to the tax office.

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